The VTS 4 – HoloLens Computer Orthoptics

Holographic Vergence Exercise System

Exercises Include:

• Smooth Vergence
• Rotations
• Jump Ductions
• Multiple Choice Vergence
• Pursuits
• Saccades
• Arcade
• Brock String

Measurements of the following:

• Phoria
• Fusional Ranges
• Pursuits
• Saccades
• Worth 4 Dot
• Motor Field
• Fixation Disparity
• Cyclo
• Aniseikonia

The HoloLens Augmented Reality Technology Provides Detailed Holographic Vergence & Stereo Targets

VTS 4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics™ offers various vergence exercises to help coordinate the eyes so that they may better work together as a team.

Computerized Vergence Exercises

Precise Control – The VTS4-HoloLens independent eye tracking allows the patient’s eye positions to drive the vergence demands. The VTS4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics holographic targets are instantly moved, rotated or changed to create any base-in base-out disparity. These techniques can be integrated into an overall plan for the presentation of various eye muscle-related exercises involving oculomotor skills and fusional ranges.

Computerized Measurements

With the push of a single button, you may call up measurement programs using sophisticated first, second and third degree targets. VTS4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics includes complex monocular and binocular stimuli, which allow automatic measurements of the following skills: oculomotor (pursuits and saccades), fusional ranges, phorias, motor fields, fixation disparities and stereopsis.

Easy Patient Monitoring

The VTS4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics stores the results from each Eye Exercise session for patients individually. You may view the information “on screen” or print the results for a permanent copy.

Automatic Vergence Exercises

The VTS4-HoloLens Computer Orthoptics eye tracking system offers various automatic vergence exercises. Included are several random dot stereograms and other stereo targets which are devoid of monocular cues and can be seen only during binocular vision, thus maximizing patient compliance.

HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses

Using the HoloLens Augmented Reality technology, more than 100 targets of varying size, detail and retinal disparity are presented to manage various vergence exercises. Targets including holograms are presented in True 3D Color.

The HoloLens Augmented Reality incorporating independent eye tracking allows you to independently determine the position of both eyes at all times.

NOTE: The VTS 4 – HoloLens Computer Orthoptics SYSTEM does not treat or diagnose any specific medical condition or disease.

Hololens, A Game Changer

VTS4 Hololens Features

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