Computerized Perceptual Processing

CPT Includes Eighteen Computerized Perceptual Processing Programs

The Programs Are Specifically Designed To Help Address Simultaneous Processing, Sequential Processing & Speed Of Processing

The CPT program offers a unique computerized perceptual processing modality for the following:

• Learning Difficulties
• Reading Difficulties
• Non Verbal Learning Difficulties
• Rapid Automatized Naming
• Automaticity
• Cognitive Rehabilitation
• Perceptual Speed
• Auditory-Visual Integration
• Visual Spatial Memory
• Visual Sequential Memory
• Spatial Perception
• Peripheral Awareness
• Visual Attention
• Visual-Motor Integration

Each program allows selection of specific variables, thus assuring that program is customized for each individual’s needs.

Note: The intended function of CPT is to maintain and encourage a healthy lifestyle, and is unrelated to the
diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of a disease or condition.