Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Cooper MS, OD, FAAO & Rodney K. Bortel

    The HTS2 Program is Fully Automated and Easy to Use

• Pursuits

• Saccades

• Base-In/Base-Out Vergence

• Jump Ductions

• Jump Ductions Random

• Base-Up/Base-Down Vergence

• Accommodative Rock 

The New HTS2 runs on most iPad, Android,

Chromebook, Windows 10 & 11, Mac OSx, and most other devices or tablets that are 7.5 inches in width or greater.

HTS2 maintains a toll-free tech support line to assist your patients with any computer related issues they may encounter.

The ease of operation, automatic monitoring, and affordable price all allow you to immediately offer a profitable new service. 

The New HTS2 WEB-based Program Allows You to
Manage Your Patients’ Program via The Internet


HTS2 is a web-based eye exercise program using methods of behavioral modification in an operant conditioning paradigm.

The program uses random dot stereograms and other objective targets.

HTS2 “knows” if your patient has performed the prescribed exercise session correctly.

Flat Fusion

Patients who cannot appreciate an RDS may be assigned a host of Flat Fusion targets. The patient may select the target they wish to use for each eye exercise session.

Instant Review

Simply log onto HTS2 to see a list of all of your patients. 
You may view their results, check compliance, modify their program, or send notes right from your computer.

Total Control

Dispense the HTS2 program in the Auto Mode and the program will automatically advance patients through successive levels of exercises as goals are achieved.  The Manual Mode allows you to assign your own custom exercise protocol.

Provides Motivation

HTS2 presents your patients with bar graphs showing exercise goals.  Performances from their last and current sessions are displayed. HTS2
virtually “pats the patient on the back” encouraging them to try harder.

Easy Monitoring

The HTS2 program provides graphs depicting each session’s performance.  The program displays date, time, duration and performance of each exercise session. HTS2 denotes when your patient has performed the exercise session and also if it was performed correctly.

Note: HTS2  Computerized Binocular Home Eye Exercise System does not treat or diagnose any specific medical condition or disease.